Counselor Supervision

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPCS) in the state of North Carolina, and I provide individual, triadic, and group supervision to those seeking full licensure as an LPC. I utilize a developmental approach to supervision, and I believe in making supervision fun and engaging, challenging, and collaborative. Supervision is, of course, about protecting a client's best interests while a supervisee learns, but it is equally about supervisee growth and development as a counselor. This means I honor each supervisee's unique gifts and skill sets. Rather than attempt to shape the direction of supervisees' clinical interests or therapeutic modalities, I collaboratively work with supervisees to discover their own clinical approaches.

Individual Supervision (can consist of 1-2 supervisees, lasts 60 minutes):  $120 per person

Group Supervision (can consist of 3-12 supervisees, lasts 120 minutes): $90 per person

I accept credit card, cash or check.


For more information regarding the ethics of counselor supervision, please see:

ACS Code of Ethics